1955 Dodge Truck

In 2009 we started restoring this 1955 Dodge C-3B Truck.  It was a numbers matching vehicle that was original owned by a plumber in Illinois as his sales truck.  The truck started out as a rust-free example and with all its original tin, from the beautiful grill to the optional rear bumper.  The options on this Dodge included factory radio, heater, rear bumper, bumper guards, rear view mirror, side mirror, electric wipers, V8 engine, factory clock, high side box and deluxe interior.

The C-Series pickups were the first V8 powered Dodge trucks.  These engines were thoroughly modern, lightweight, compact.  The 241 CID Power Dome V8 engine featured overhead valves, 145 HP and 215 ft/lbs of torque at 2,400rpm.  The truck had low mileage so we cleaned, painted and resealed the engine bringing it back to its original factory appearance.

We set out to restored the truck to its factory condition but the truck now exhibits a level of quality unobtainable from assembly lines in 1950s era because of the attention to detail that a restoration affords. We were able to narrow the door gaps and re-engineered the hood latching system to eliminate paint chipping.  The box and fenders were alkaline dipped, fully neutralized and phosphated to ensure they last for many years to come.  We also had the frame and front axle powder coated the correct shade of black.  All the chrome pieces were replated as well as the bumper and hood latches.  Even the radio was restored and boasts the original antenna. 

We finally repainted the truck in the original two-toned Canyon Coral and Santa Fe beige colors.   

A lot of love was put into this restoration to bring it back to its original beauty.

Midwest Classic Restoration and Bodyworks is committed to restorations that meet or exceed our client’s expectations.  If you are looking to restore a vehicle please consider giving Midwest Classic Restorations a call for an estimate today.


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One thought on “1955 Dodge Truck

  1. Dave says:

    Hello, You gave me call on Saturday and we talked about the ’56 IH pickup you sold a little while ago. By mistake I lost my note that had your name on it, my apologizes. Anyway, I just took a look at your ’55 Dodge truck, and am most impressed to say the least, it is a real gem. My heart remains attached to the possible ownership of a ’56 IH Pickup one day. Given the high market value of the IH truck you sold, I will have to wait before being able to seriously consider owning one of your jewels. After seeing your IH truck, I simply can’t get it off my mind. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me the other day, I will keep a watch on your web site to keep abreast of your recent works, you are certainly a master craftsman.


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