1949 Mercury Woody Wagon

When you mention the name Woody wagon to someone one and it immediately brings to mind a surfer with a beat up wood wagon loaded with a surfboard.  There is more history behind that name than just the beach!

1946 Ford Woody

In 1929, Ford Motor Company introduced the first Model A Depot Hack Wagon Woody.  It boasted a full body made of birch and maple.  Only 4,954 were produced that year.  It seated 8 and the seats could be removed to carry cargo, ala minivan style.  It had a top speed of 65mph and was used more for moving cargo and handymen than families.  Because these Woodies were made completely of wood they were prone to damage and rot and required constant care to keep the wood in good shape.

1949 Woody

In 1942 car manufacturing stopped due to World War II, companies switched operations to wartime productions.  Once the war was over car manufacturers returned to automotive production.  Before 1949 most cars were just rehashes of older models, but that was about to change.

1949 Mercury Woody Wagon

In 1949 Ford and Mercury released two door wagons that had real wood panels to give the Woody cosmetic appeal but still used a steel body. They developed a new technique for laminating that reduced the wood by 85% from previous years.   The wood used for the panels was made of laminated mahogany with maple framing.  It was electro-bonded with 75 tons of pressure and radiation in something similar to a microwave oven. The steel bodies of the car were built in Detroit and then sent to the Iron Mountain plant to have the wood panels and painting completed.  Only 8044 Woodies were built this year making it a rare find these days.


Our 1949 Mercury Woody Wagon has been beautifully restored.  While the wood isn’t original it has been replaced with a beautiful rich maple paneling with Tiger Maple trim, giving this Woody a touch of class not originally found.

Woody (7)

It has the original 255.5 cu inch V-8 flathead and three-speed manual transmission Touch-O-Matic overdrive.  We have given it a power boost by adding three two-barrel Stromberg carburetors and Offenhauser heads and intakes.


The original paint for this car was paint code 02-Alberta Blue, but the new paint was a custom blended teal that makes the car pop.  The hood has been adjusted to prevent chipping on the edges that usually occur on these vehicles.

1949 Woody 

With a leather interior and wood dash, this car also comes with the optional heater and radio making this a comfortable ride for the family.

Woody (8)


We also changed up the bumper so that you can tow that Chris Craft to the lake and go water skiing.

1949 Woody Wagon

If you are interested in purchasing this beautifully restored Woody or having your own car restored to this meticulous condition please call us at 920-277-2373 or leave a comment below and we will contact you with more information.

2 thoughts on “1949 Mercury Woody Wagon

  1. Mike Carpenter says:

    Nice car! Is your ’49 merc woodie lowered in the front and how was it lowered? Shortened springs or
    lowered spindles?
    Thanks, Mike


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