SOLD-1964 Corvette Roadster For Sale

This car is a very nice driver and attracts a lot of attention out on the road.  The car is very tight and a joy to drive.  It runs great and has plenty of get up go with a 1977 Corvette 350 engine that has been built with dart heads.

The car has very nice clean frame.  It has a new interior that is leather and purchased from Al Knoch.  The top has been replaced with all new canvas.

The gauges have been restored, including the clock.  Everything works on this car except the light on the radio.

The car was originally was blue and there are some blemishes here and there.

It has many updates:

  • New upper ball joints,
  • New lower ball joints,
  • New Idler arm and tie rod ends,
  • New Upper and lower a frame bushings,
  • Power steering box,
  • Pump and hoses,
  • Stabilizer link bushings and end links,
  • Front coil springs.
  • Rear leaf spring fiberglass,
  • 4 Bilstein shocks,
  • 4 wheel alignment,
  • All brake hoses and lines have been replaced,
  • Park brake cables,
  • Fuel tank and sender,
  • Motor mounts,
  • Trans mount,
  • The valve covers have been changed out to new set of chrome valve covers.

If you run the math what has been done to this vette adds up to a lot of money around 15k.

We are located about 5 minutes from Austin Straubel Airport.  We are happy to pick you up if you’d like to fly in and check out this vette or any of our other vehicles.

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